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Mambo Tutorial

How do I install a Mambo Template?

Installing a Mambo template is pretty straight forward and easy. Our Mambo templates are user friendly. Follow the following instruction to install the mambo template to your script,

  1. Download a Mambo template from
  2. Once you have downloaded the template, go to your mambo admin control panel.
  3. From there go to the template manager.
  4. From the template manager, find a button named "Install new template" or something similar to it. Than click on it and access the install new template page.
  5. Once you in there, there will be a section where you will be able to upload new template archive, use that and browse to the template you downloaded from and select it and upload it.
  6. Once you're done uploading the template archive to your script, go back to the template panel and make the template as default.
  7. There, the template will be installed to your mambo script.

* If the installation failed for some reason, you may try unzip the template archive and manually upload the template to the template directory. The mambo templates directory is located in the "templates" directory. You can find the directory in the Mambo root directory. Once you have uploaded the template, access the mambo template admin panel like above and you should be able to see the new template visible.

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