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What Payment do you accept

We currently accept payments via PayPal and 2checkout.

Can I Resell or redistribute your templates?

No, reselling and redistributing of our templates is strictly prohibited. Please review the term of use page for more information.

What Software would I need to edit the templates?

Our templates are designed in Adobe Photoshop and coded in HTML editor. It is strongly recommend that you have Adobe Photoshop to customize the templates. However if you don't have Adobe Photoshop installed and you prefer to use your own image editor, you can also edit the templates by editing the blank images provided in the templates. However, please note that not all templates come with blank images.

When my membership has expired, what will happen to the templates that I have downloaded?

When your membership has expired, you can still continue to use the templates you have downloaded.

Are the templates compatible with Frontpage, Expression Web, Dreamweaver Or Adobe Golive?

Our templates are designed in a way that it can be edited in all types of HTML editors. Therefore, you can edit all our templates in any HTML editor. If you're familiar with HTML, you can even edit them in notepad.

Are you guys going to add new templates in the future?

We strive our best to provide the best possible templates membership service, new templates are always added regularly to meet our customer demands as well to keep up with the ever changing internet world.